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Coffee, orange juice and flavored water, Small  -  R$32 cheese bread and 1 option of simple cake


7 A.M


Coffee Break Napoli  -  R$37
Coffee, milk, infusion teas, 1 option of fruit juice, 1 cake option, 1 mini finger sandwiches and mini cheese breads.

Coffee Break Loretta -  R$46
Coffee, milk, infusion teas and cold chocolate 2 juice options, 1 cake option, 2-mini finger sandwiches, mini cheese breads, 1 savory option or 1 sweet option and fruit salad or rolled fruits.

Coffee Break Firenze -  R$55
Coffee, milk, infusion teas, cold chocolate, soft drinks, 1 choice of fruit juice, 2 options of cake, 2 option mini finger sandwiches mini cheese breads, 1 savory option, 1 sweet option and fruit salad or rolled fruits.

Coffee Break Campagna -  R$63
Coffee, milk, cold chocolate, soft drinks 1 strawberry yogurt and cereal, 2 fruit juice options, 2 cake options with syrup, 2 mini finger sandwich, mini cheese breads, 2 sweet options, 2 savory options and fruit salad or rolled fruit.


Mini buns
Australian mini, brioche, french mini ciabatta, parmesan and sesame.

Baguette breads
Baguette bread
Parmesan, french and sesame baguette.

Loaves of bread

Loaves Bread in the traditional way, wholemeal bread

Sandwich flavors
Roast beef mustard sauce, lettuce and tomato

Roast beef spicy cheese lettuce and tomato

Cheese dish, fresh cheese, lettuce and tomato

Ham, cheese dish, lettuce and tomato

Chicken salpicão, lettuce and tomato

Turkey Blanquet, cheese dish, lettuce and tomato

Tuna, mayonnaise, carrot

Dried tomato, white cheese arugula

Mortadella, cheese dish, lettuce and tomato

Blanquet of turkey pineapple rose sauce lettuce
Crazy meat Roasted Shank
Sausage with sauce

Mini beef burger

Vegan Sanduich
Italian bread, avocado paste, vegan cheese
Italian bread, grilled zucchini, tomato, vegan cheese, Ciabatta, shimeji with soy sauce.



Thermos of coffee - R$39
Thermos of milk - R$39
Thermos of water for infusion teas - R$ 39 
Hot chocolate bottle - R$42
Still mineral water - R$6
Mineral sparkling water - R$8
Mineral still water
 - R$8
Flavored iced tea - R$35 (Jarra de 1,5 lt)
Juice Jug
 R$40 (1,5lt)
Portion of Cheese Bread (30 unit) - R$75
Portion of mini sandwich 
(30 unit) - R$75
Mini Savory (40 unid) - R$100
Laminated Fruit Tray 
(4 peoples) - R$70
Simple cake unit - R$50
Cake with syrup unit - R$70

Sweet Petit Four - R$75kg
Petiti four salted - R$75kg


Sweet options:
(Dulce de leche, chocolate, passion fruit, lemon)
Cupcakes (chocolate, brigadeiro, strawberry, lemon, prestige) 
Lua de
(Honeymoon - passion fruit, lemon, dulce de leche, cream, chocolate)
Mini alfajor with dulce de leche
Mini Bomba (cream, chocolate, ferrero rocher)
Mini Brownie 
Mini sweet croissant
(chocolate, guava paste, dulce de leche, cream, ricotta)
Mini Cupcakes (chocolate, brigadeiro, strawberry, lemon, prestige, dulce de leche)
Mini Muffins (chocolate, vanilla, blueberry)
Mini Honey Bread Dulce de Leche

Mini Sonho (cream, dulce de leche or chocolate)
Mini Tortinha (strawberry, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, green grape, chocolate, passion fruit)
Cup Mousse (chocolate, passion fruit, lemon, prestige, waltz dream)
Vol au vent (lemon, passion fruit, chocolate)

Savory options:
Mini Enroladinho (Ham and cheese, pepperoni, sausage)
Thousand leaves (cheese, ham and cheese, white cheese, pepperoni, pizza, escarole, chicken)
Mini Croissant (Ham and cheese, chicken, vegetarian, mixed, cheese)
Mini stuffed potato bread (pepperoni, catupiry, white cheese, ham and cheese, chicken with catupiry)
Mini pizza (Mozzarella, pepperoni, catupiry, tuna)
Puff triangle (pepperoni, white cheese, ham and cheese, chicken with catupiry)
Esfiha (Beef and chicken esfiha)
Mini chicken drumstick
Mini empada (heart of palm and chicken)
Mini quiche (Leek, Lorraine, Tomato and Cheese)

Cold canapés
Cherry tomato with cheese paste and basil
Caprese skewers
Apricot and Gorgonzola Canapes
Finger cucumbers with salmon tartar
Finger cream cheese and bacon potatoes
Carpaccio canapes with mustard and lemon sauce
Shrimp with mango chutney
Canape with eggplant caponata

Hot canapes
Mini quiche lorraine
Míni Quiche  (Pumpkin Dried Meat)
Sablé tartlet with turkey breast and apricot filling
Tomato and cheese bruschetta
Mini spring roll with sweet and sour sauce

Small bag of phillo pasta with peach palm and catupiry
Pumpkin and dried meat croquettes

Mandioquinha and shrimp croquettes

Mini plates(
Cheese ravioli with sugo sauce Mezzaluna with buffalo milk cheese and pomodoro sauce and basil
Mushroom risotto three mushroom risotto
Soft polenta with ossobuco ragout

Petit Pâtisserie
Spoon Brigadeiro with strawberries

Mini churros with dulce de leche
Mini fruit tartlets

Fruit skewers



Cocktail I - R$55
Cold canapes (2 varieties), Hot canapes (2 varieties), Hot mini dishes

(1 variety,) Petit patisserie (1 variety)

Cocktail II - R$65

Cold canapes (3 varieties), Hot canapes (3 varieties), Hot mini dishes

(2 varieties), Petit pâtisserie (1 variety)

Cocktail lll - R$75

Cold canapes (4 varieties), Hot canapes (4 varieties), Hot mini dishes (2 varieties), Petit pâtisserie (1 varieties)

Duration 1:30h - Prices per person

Fly or buffet service

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